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Fresh and Friendly: No More Holding Your Nose at the Trash Can!

Ever take a big whiff when opening your trash can, only to be greeted by an unpleasant surprise? We've all been there... but fear not, trash bin woes! The Bin Boss is sharing expert tips for keeping your bin smelling heavenly (or at least, not like last week's takeout).

Deodorize Like a Pro:

  • Baking Soda: Sprinkle this magic powder on the bottom of your can. It's like a tiny odor-absorbing superhero, keeping things smelling fresh and clean.

  • Kitty Litter (Without the Scooping): Got leftover litter? Don't toss it! It doubles as a smell-fighter and moisture absorber, keeping bacteria at bay. Win-win!

  • Dryer Sheets: Toss a few sheets in your can for a double whammy of good smells and odor control. Replace them regularly to keep the fragrance going strong.

  • Essential Oils: Love the scent of lavender or prefer a minty blast? Soak cotton balls in your favorite essential oil and toss them in! Bonus tip: use peppermint oil to deter curious (and sometimes smelly) raccoons.

  • Our Secret Weapon: The Bin Boss uses special eco-friendly cleaning agents. They clean, sanitize, and deodorize, while neutralizing odor-causing bacteria, leaving your can smelling fantastic between cleanings.

Cleanliness is Key:

Remember, even the best tricks can't work miracles forever. That's why The Bin Boss recommends regular cleanings, at least once a month. This eliminates nasty smells, bacteria, and potential health hazards.

Clean Bins Can Make You Popular:

Let's face it, a clean trash bin makes everyone happier, from your family to your neighbors. Here at The Bin Boss, we offer convenient cleaning services in Elmira, New York and throughout Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben Counties. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or one-time cleanings and leave the dirty work to us! You'll breathe easier, and trust us... your nose will thank you!

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